KIPR produces the KIPR Autonomous Aerial Robot Tournament each year at the Global Conference on Educational Robotics. The current game will continue to be revised and used until a team is able to successfully complete all challenges repeatedly.

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Land the Rocket

The Challenge:

This year we are building upon what we have learned from the 2017 game to take on a new form of the challenge: randomization. SpaceX has made it possible to reusable Falcon 9 rocket boosters by consistently landing on a moving platform that is moving at random in the ocean. This was an incredible engineering feat, and we’re going to take our game up a notch by having our own randomly moving platform.

In front of you are three landing pads. All three are moving, with only two in a predictable pattern. You will need to successfully land on multiple pads in order to win this year’s challenge. The further away the pad, the faster it moves. To aid in the landing process, teams can place their own landing markers on the pads.

2018 KIPR Autonomous Aerial Robot Tournament Rules

Download the 2018 KIPR Autonomous Aerial Robot Tournament rules.

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